Museum of Natural History and Macy's - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Museum of Natural History and Macy's - Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dad went to work and I took the kids to the Museum of Natural History. We took a cab there and it cost me $22.00.  It was worth every penny because I didn't have to worry about anything. We spent the day at the Museum. We were going to leave, but the kids wanted to see a new film in the Planetarium named Journey to the Stars, so I bought tickets for the 4:30 p.m. showing and we hung out and waited for it to start. We took a guided tour that was really informative and worthwhile. I wish we would have started it earlier, but nevertheless, it was good and I will take advantage of it again in the future.

We made our way down to the line for the show. They took us by elevator in small groups to a waiting area, before letting us into the Planetarium. While in this area, a verbal fight broke out between two guys and a guy and his wife. It got loud and ugly. They exchanged pretty disgusting words in front of everyone. The husband told the two guys, who were holding umbrellas, that he was going to shove the umbrellas up their butts. It got uglier, then someone said they were going to call the police and the husband started yelling, "You want to call the police, here he is, I'm the police!" He took out his badge and flashed it to everyone. Meanwhile, the only people there trying to take control of the situation were the teenage employees. Finally, after about five to 10 minutes, about eight security guards came and then more came later. It would have made sense for them to take the four away and let everyone enjoy the show, however, they didn't do that. Instead, they chose to let the four into the show and then had security guards sitting all over inside the planetarium. I was very uncomfortable. The room was dark and I was afraid they were going to take advantage in the dark and retaliate or something. Basically, I didn't even hear what was happening in the movie. All I know is that I was dying to get out of there.  When it was over, we ran through to look at the giant whale and the ocean exhibit. Then we went to the gift shop and hung out a bit. By the time we finished it was closing time.

When we got outside it was pouring. We went out in the rain to try to get a cab, but it was impossible. There were hundreds of people scrambling to get cabs. After running around and getting soaked, Jake finally yelled to go into the subway. We ran in and then I tried to figure out how to get out. Alex was staying for dinner with his customer and colleagues. Nicki had to work and Hugo told us he would clean his apartment so we could go over. I had promised the kids I'd take them to Macy's to see the largest store in the world and also to see the wooden escalators. I figured out how to get there on the subway map and then got on the train. I had to keep verify that we were going in the right direction, because there was a fork in the line and I wasn't sure which way it would go. Thankfully, it went the right way and we went straight to 34th St. Herald Square. It was raining, but we were able to get across the street alright. We went up the escalators to the children's dept. When we arrived, the kids noticed a McDonalds right on the floor in the middle of the department. They were thrilled! The shrieks of happiness could be heard for miles. I let them order dinner and we sat and had dinner there.

Then, we shopped.  We bought sports t-shirts, shorts, shirts, and shoes. I went through all the floors and really didn't find anything I liked for me. Hugo called to see if we were going, but we didn't go because it was getting too late. We stayed a few minutes more at Macy's and then took a cab to Tita's house. Nicki got back a few minutes later and then Alex shortly after.

I was able to watch Betty La Fea for the first time since Lake Mary on June 24th, one day shy of exactly one month.  I started packing and getting things ready for the trip back to Miami. The kids worked on puzzles with Nicki.   We went to bed relatively early.

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