Nightsledding to dinner in a pitched tent - Tuesday, January 2, 2008

Tuesday, January 2, 2008

Always seeking a new cool thing to do, Ana searched for the perfect thing to cap off our trip and to celebrate a friend's birthday.  She found this company called TwoBelowZero offering Winter Dinner Sleigh Rides.  We instructed everyone to meet at the parking lot near Beaver Run (where we stayed last year) at about 6:30 p.m.  She had no idea what was in store, but as soon as you got there, the smell of horse was in the air!  That's OK because we were about to take a sleigh ride up the mountain in the dark and in the freezing cold.  Huddled under blankets we made our way up in two sleds.  Each one identical and with it's bandit of heckler's making fun of each other and enjoying the beautiful ride under the moonlight.

Our destination was a pitched, heated tent.  We actually would see this tent on the way down the mountain each day as we skiied right by it, but at night they converted into a dinner place with live music.  As we entered the tent, we were greeted with a long table and some great acoustic live music.  From the oldies to the new songs, we had many requests as we sang and ate a great buffet dinner.  From the meats to the chicken to the pasta, there was enough variety to please everyone. 

There was only one other party in the tent at the same time and they were celebrating a birthday too.  As we all sang Happy Birthday, we reveled in the night and this unique experience. We hope the kids remember this as much as we do.  As soon as you get to Breck, check out the TwoBelowZero web site for the latest promotions and times so you can call and book early.

Downstairs at Eric's...because everywhere else just sucks - Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
What a great tagline:  BECAUSE EVERYWHERE ELSE JUST SUCKS!  You already get a feel for what type of place this is and it's a cross between Dave & Busters LITE, Bennigan's bar, and a pizza place.  Downstairs at Eric's is always packed, this popular Breck spot boasts over 120 beers, it's very own Bar Cam, an arcade for the kids, awesome burgers, and sports on television sets all over the place.  Located at 111 South Main Street, it's easy to walk to from the main resorts and worth the wait.

During this peak season, being able to fit about 24 of us in one sitting is almost impossible.  We have squeezed into the bar area (yes with kids) and carved out a home base while the kids played in the arcade (with at least 1-2 adults taking turns watching them) and the rest of us ordering the food and drinks. With such a large group, you are forced to eat standing up and in spurts, but it's fun.   I want to make it clear that we drink responsibly and this bar is not a dark, gloomy, seedy kind of place showing kids some "bad" things. Kids are more than welcome here and we like that.   Just check out the web site to catch a glimpse of the Bar Cam and the kid-friendly menu.

RANDOM THOUGHT:  I am not sure of the connection and always forget to ask, but the name of this place is same as Yaz or Yazoo's first album.  If you recall this was a duo in the early 80s starring Alison Moyet and forgot the guy's name.  The album yielded hits like "Don't Go" and "Situation."  It reminds me of my older brother and his friends and my friend's older sister.  The first time I listened to it was at my friend's house as she blared it out of her bedroom.  Check it out on iTunes if you haven't heard it before.