Chinatown and Yankee game - Monday, July 20, 2009

Chinatown and Yankee game - Monday, July 20, 2009

We slept in until late, we relaxed and took the morning off. We did nothing all morning! We left to Chinatown and shopped for purses in the "secret rooms." The shops have gotten more elaborate as now they hide rooms behind what you think is a very small space or they have several employees strategically placed down a block where they wave you down.  You follow each one until you get to a building, go up elevator, and go into these "secret rooms."  As we were doing this, I didn't think it was a good idea for the kids as it is almost covert-like.  However, the kids enjoyed the excitement of the "secret rooms." I bought about $100 worth of fake stuff. 

We walked all the way from Tita's house to Canal St & LaFayette. On the way back, the kids were whining and complaining and they didn't want to walk back. We finally made it back to the house, took showers and got ready for the Yankees game. We saw Nicki for a little while as we got ready. The kids had fun playing with her. Our friend Hugo, came to the house and we left from there to the game by car. It was easy to get there and we were excited as this season is the inaugural year of the new stadium.

The stadium is wonderful. It is beautiful and impressive. We had a nice time at the game. Jake loved it. He had front row seats on the top level. After the game, Hugo took us on a driving tour of the city. He pointed out different places of interest and also gave us ideas of new things to do while we are there. He introduced us to Brooklyn and the Promenade.  After so many years, we had no idea it was worth visiting.  We got home around midnight.

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