Another Yankee game and Brooklyn - Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Yankee game and Brooklyn - Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We tried to wake up early and go to the Bronx Zoo before the Yankees game, but it didn't happen. We would not have much time at the zoo, so we decided to skip it and go straight to the game. The passes Hugo got us were for the Yankees Legends Suite Club. This means we had 9th row tickets behind first base. When we arrived, they explained everything to us.  We could have anything we'd like to eat from the buffet in the restaurant in the higher floor, unlimited snacks, sodas and water from the snack bars below and you could request anything you wanted from the menu to be delivered to your seat outside.  We could not believe it.  We ate like pigs. My daughter said, "this is great and this is the best day of my life."  My son added, "I don't want this day to end. This is awesome."  We enjoyed the game and the experience thoroughly. The only problem was the heat.  It was sooooooo hot. We kept going inside to the lounge to cool off. It was a truly unique and wonderful experience.  Thank you Hugo and Hugo's former company!

After the game, we were going to go to the Brooklyn Bridge to walk across, but Hugo called and said he would go with us. So we went to shower and get ready. Hugo met us and we just drove over. By the time we got there it was dusk, so there wasn't much light. The bridge is beautiful and the views from the bridge and from the Promenade in Brooklyn are also the best views. This is the view you see alot in Woody Allen films.  We drove around the Brooklyn Heights area and then walked on the Promenade, took pictures and walked around the neighborhood. The homes are gorgeous. It's a beautiful area. As stated before, it's amazing that as many times as I've been to NYC, I still see new things and am still surprised by the awesome sights and places. I'm also surprised that I had never know about this.

We had dinner at Height's Cafe. We sat at a table outside. Alex kept returning the wine bottles until we settled on one. The dinner was fiasco-like as the service was terrible and food not so good. We talked about going to Hugo's building's roof or to Elva's roof, but Al was tired and since he had to go to work tomorrow, we dropped off Hugo and went home.

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