Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield to Boston, MA - Saturday, July 11, 2009

Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield to Boston, MA - Saturday, July 11, 2009

Last night, we had made it just in time to see the fireworks from our room. They were spectacular. We all enjoyed watching them from the comfort of our room. Al picked up dinner and we had a super nice dinner overlooking the falls and in the comfort of our room. The price of our room on the door was supposed to be $1299.00 per night, regardless of the time of year. We got a great price and we believe an upgrade due to Al's status with Marriott, because we paid less than 20% of the listed price.  Thanks Marriott! WE loved our experience!

We packed as much as possible and got everything ready to facilitate an early departure on Saturday morning. We woke up around 7:30 a.m. and were crossing the border around 8:30 a.m. The encounter with border patrol was very uneventful. It was the easiest crossover we've had.  We got on the road, traveled on I-90 and I-91 to Springfield, MA. The drive was supposed to take about six hours, but tt took longer because we stopped a million times. One person always had to pee, eat, or do something.  We finally made it to the Basketball Hall of Fame.

It wasn't as large as you would expect, but just the right size.  They had lots of memorabilia with interactive games and activities for children and adults.  They had an area where you could jump up and grab the ball at different heights. Another area had basketball hoops (from the different eras) at different heights and you could attempt to dunk the ball. Also, there were areas to play basketball with other people. You could play virtually and see yourself on a television screen, and also do a commentary on radio and television and hear and see yourself.  It was great! We did the whole thing in about 1.5 hours, which was a perfect afternoon.

We had dinner at Pizzeria Uno right behind it and saw a bunch of kids playing Lacrosse on the lawn of a hotel. It looked like they were part of a tournament and reminded us when our son participated in basketball tournaments. The kids got to make their own pizzas at Pizzeria Uno and they enjoyed it very much.

We drove off on our 1.5 hour drive to Boston. We arrived around 9:00 p.m. We are staying at The Sheraton Boston hotel right in the Back Bay area. The hotel is amazing and it is next to the Prudential Center which has a shopping center. The area is very nice and centrally located. There are many things to do right in the area. 
We will have a very nice stay here!

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