Gettysburg to Harrisburg, PA - Monday, July 6, 2009

Gettysburg to Harrisburg, PA - Monday, July 6, 2009

Tomorrow, will be two weeks that we left and yesterday was 3 weeks to the day we will arrive in Miami. We aren't halfway done yet!!!! WOW! This is exhausting. The kids are driving us crazy. Alissa is behaving like a little nut who is completely out of control. She is defiant and just nutty. When we got to the hotel she laid on the bed and said "Mom, watch me make snow angels" and then proceeded to move her arms to make a snow angel on the sheets at speed of 20 mph minimum. It was so funny. She spills at least one thing everyday, if not more, and especially in the car. She is obsessed with the Washington Nationals. She holds the baseball cards she got at the game (in the program) and doesn't let them go. Earlier today she told me she wants to play baseball for the Nationals team. Although yesterday she couldn't remember their name. She asked me at east 15 times what the name of the team was.

Everytime we arrive anywhere, we are noticed...either because we are super loud, obnoxious or just too much.  Today, we left Arlington, VA around 11:00 am. and drove to Pennsylvania.

We stopped for lunch at Moe's on the way, and continued to Gettysburg.

  Gettysburg, is another place that is so evocative.

Quoting Alex, "Our fore-fathers rocked. They had amazing vision." To think that these people before us did so much and gave up their lives so that we could have better lives is amazing.   Yet it's also very disappointing to know that we are driving this country into the ground because some of the leaders we've had have not known how to make good decisions and do things in the best interest of all its people.

Our fore-fathers and veterans gave so freely yet due to selfishness and greed in more recent times, our citizens are now struggling and suffering.

 The battlefield was impressive. It covers a huge area. We did the auto tour, got off a million times for pictures and then went to the museum and store. I lost the kids in the store at least 3 times. I was looking for books to read to them so they could learn the story, I bought several picture books and coloring books about the Civil War, the generals, the Gettysburg Address and an explanation of the Gettysburg Address.  In addition we bought a postcard and a magnet of Pennsylvania. We decided we are going to start a states magnet collection so we can display our travels year-round. We also bought the movie Gettysburg so we can watch it together and learn more.

We arrived in Harrisburg, Pa (our next "home base' destination) around 8 pm. We are staying at a Residence Inn.  It looks fairly new, very clean and is very comfortable.  The neighborhood is nice and there are several restaurants close by.  We have a kitchenette and breakfast is included with the room so expenses should be kept manageable.  We decided to run to Target and pick up some necessary items. I bought a scale because the eating is out of control, even though we were going to eat super healthy and exercise on this trip. I have gained a few pounds. I will be on a diet as of July 10th!!!!!!!!!! I bought some things to cook because we have a tiny kitchen in the unit. We had pasta with chicken and shrimp.We were starving so we ate a million things as we waited for dinner. Tomorrow we will probably go to Lancaster.

Until tomorrow...

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