Our Wedding Anniversary in Melbourne, FL

When Al and I got married seventeen years ago, I was a teacher.  I planned our wedding in the middle of the summer to ensure I would have ample time to get ready for the wedding and ample time from the honeymoon until the start of the new school year.  It worked out perfectly. 
It also works out well for our anniversaries.  We usually travel for our anniversary just because we can...work is usually not as busy and the children don't have any commitments, so its perfect.  Although we weren't planning to be away this year, it worked out that way.  We were in Melbourne.  We had a great time celebrating our special day.
Melbourne is only a short 3 hour drive from Miami but there are things to do there that you couldn't do in Miami such as visiting  Kennedy Space Center.  The beaches are different from the beaches in Miami because they are a bit more rough.  Surfing is a possibility there (unlike Miami).
We spent the early part of the day relaxing and then had frozen drinks and appetizers at SquidLips.  It has a "Florida Keys feel" with the live music playing, the raw bar and just sitting by the water relaxing and sipping cold drinks.  We had a table for the adults and a table for the children.  Everyone had an enjoyable time while listening to beautiful music, enjoying terrific scenery and munching on delicious treats.

We had the frozen Margaritas to start, accompanied by the  Artichoke and Crab Dip, Conch Fritters, Coconut Shrimp and Chicken Wings, yum!!!

Stop by SquidLips, you'll be happy you did!
Afterwards, we went to our friends house and I beat all the kids on the Wii game, Just Dance 2.  WE went to the mall, which was small and very empty, and then off to our next adventure...
We had a picnic on the beach for dinner.  It was beautiful, and a unique experience.  We ordered takeout from ThaiThai2 on A1A and then took it across the street and had a lovely dinner. 
The meal was delicious, the company great and the evening was spectacular!

After dinner we had yet another amazing experience in Melbourne.  Guess what we did...
Check tomorrow's post for the details...


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