Dinner in Melbourne, Florida

Our friends took us to dinner at this fabulous restaurant, Palm Shores Diner, which is a house that has been converted to a restaurant.

They offer an extensive menu which makes it very hard to make a decision for me.  I know...I have issues...everyone prefers to have many choices, but I become overwhelmed.  I usually choose something different from other members of my group so I can taste different things.

We went for dinner, but most of us ordered "breakfast" items.  I had the Salmon Benedict (delicious!), my daughter had her usual cheeseburger, my husband had like 3 different dishes for himself (he always orders some kind of egg entree, a side dish or two and then a dessert entree, like pancakes or waffles).  He loves breakfast foods!  My son ordered the NY Style Cheesecake Pancakes with Fresh Strawberry Topping and Whipped Cream, which was incredible!!! It's his new favorite now.

The ambiance was good, the meal was delicious and the service was good.  All in all a great experience and one I would recommend...


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