The flight...Miami-Chicago-London... April 21, 2011

We are traveling on award miles, FINALLY!!!  As usual, it was a bit complicated to find flights that would qualify for the trip, even though we reserved almost 6 months in advance.
As a result, we must fly through Chicago and London to go to the primary destination, Dublin.

My husband, Alex, has wanted to travel to Ireland since I met him, but we always travel to other places instead.  For his 40th birthday, he wanted to travel to visit Ireland, so 1.5 years later he is getting his wish.

We took the 9:25am flight from Miami to Chicago and arrived there around noon.  We considered going into the city, but opted against it, for several reasons:
  • We had eight carry-on bags which could not be stored at the airport
  • We would have to go back through security in the airport for our international flight
  • We preferred to relax and take it easy because we would be in for a hectic 10 days of travel abroad

Alex works for a global company and travels extensively for work.  Although it is a strain for the family it affords us some perks from time to time.  One of his perks is the Admiral's Club Lounge.  We were able to spend the 5 hour layover in the lounge in Chicago.  It was very large and comfortable.

We set up camp in an area with several lounge chairs and tables.  We connected all our electronics for charging and enjoyment.  The children watched movies and played with their portable games, read books and played games.  Alex and I worked for a little while and answered email, etc.

We had complimentary drinks and cookies, so we ordered sandwiches for lunch.

We all enjoyed our layover and were able to rest a bit.  We normally over-do-it and try to do too much.  I think we were wise to stay put.  We also enjoyed eachothers' company.  The flight from Chicago to London was uneventful.  I watched a romantic comedy (I can't remember the name), I read, I worked, but I couldn't sleep.  My entire family slept...I tried but couldn't.

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