Trek to Santorini, Greece (favorite place in the world) - Monday, September 2, 1991

Monday, September 2, 1991

Well we spent Labor Day trying to get to Athens (ATH). We left LXR at 1030 and got to CAI at 1130 and tried to use ticket on an Ethiopian Airlines (ET) flight leaving to ATH at 1500, but no luck. The lady told us it was only valid on Olympic Airways (OA). I finally went to OA (took a cab to their office in the other terminal) and got the tickets endorsed to either ET or Egypt Air (MS). ET said no again so we went on MS flight leaving at 1800 and got to ATH at 2000. The flight was good because we were finally going to Greece. It was my second time and first time for Ana and Fab.

We changed, left some more stuff in storage, and took bus to the Piraeus port to catch an 2345 ferry to Thira (aka Santorini aka Summer Lovers location). The ferry ride costs like $14 per person. We ate and waited for the ferry which was like two hours late. It finally came so we left for Thira, one of my favorite places in the world. We slept in these pullman-like seats (i.e. airplane seats). Ana and I hogged up one full row so it wasn’t that bad. The ferry stopped in Paros, Ios, Thira, and then it continued to Heraklion in Crete. We slept the whole 10 hours and finally got to Santorini.

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