Mopeds, sunset at Oia, and street-stand gyros - Tuesday, September 3, 1991

Tuesday, September 3, 1991

We arrived at 1100 and the day was beautiful. Ana and Fab were like two school girls excited on the first day of school. They were practically jumping up and down. When we stepped off of the ferry, a girl met us with pictures of her hotel on Perissa Beach which was about 2,000 DR (about $10 per person). We hopped in their mini-van and went to the Santa Irini Hotel. It was great: private bath, tourist office ,bar, restaurant, and we were able to rent mopeds.

We got room #32 and left on our mopeds ($10 a day) to the Thira city. It was about 25 minutes away. When we got there, we are gyros and booked a $7 tour of a volcano and hot springs. We walked down to the old port (25 minutes) to meet the ship to go to the volcano. The sea was rough so the boat was rocking side to side. Everyone was getting soaked. The view of the island was awesome.

We stopped at the volcano and they told us we had one hour to roam freely. We thought there would be a tour guide, but I guess not. The walk up was a long one. Fab stayed behind and Anne and I continued. Anne couldn’t take it anymore so I went up to take picture and video. Actually, it was not a big deal. We went back down and met Fab and waited for the ship. The ship got there at about 1530 and we left for the hot springs. It was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves.

Fab and Anne did not bring swimsuits so they didn’t jump in. I didn’t go because Anne got pissed and I didn’t want to hear her bitch for hours or maybe days about how I went in without her. I was so mad, but I didn’t really want to upset her. On the island, there was a small church and the springs were around it. We didn’t get off ship because there was no dock. One can only swim to island and Hot Springs. After we went back to the old port and we took a cable car back up to the top. It was scary because the wind kept on rocking the car. It was about 1700 so I said lets go to Oia and watch the sunset.

We rode the mopeds to Oia. The roads are narrow and pretty scary because of cars and buses zooming by and the drop down. It took about 30 minutes. It was great. Oia has small streets with cafes and villas. They loved it. We went to the site of the old castle and took tons of pictures and video. The sun had not set, but they wanted to leave because they wanted to drive back in the dark and they were scared shitless. I wanted to stay, but it was two against one.

We rode back from Oia to the hotel in Perissa and it was far as shit. It took like an hour and the last 30 minutes of the ride was in the dark. I was freezing more than anything and they were numb with fright. Fab was crying and she lost a contact lense. She was not happy. I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and it was windy as hell. The sky was awesome because it was purpleish pink just like in the postcards. We finally got back to the hotel ad we were all glad. They were mad at me, but at least we survived and we could say we did it. As they showered, I went down the street and bought six gyros, french fries, popcorn, coke, and my favorite chocolate chip cookies. We had a picnic on our porch and it was awesome. I took a shower (cold as ice) and went to sleep. We were dead tired.

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