St. Charles Bridge and walking through INXS video - Saturday, August 24, 1991

Saturday, August 24, 1991

We woke up to an awesome day in Prague. The room rate included breakfast buffet so we all went downstairs and munched on the best food. It had been a long time since we ate so good. We also made sandwiches to save them for lunch. After breakfast, we took the metro and stopped by the church of Baby Jesus and St. Nicholas. Baby Jesus Church housed this small statue of Jesus.  It is really famous, but I felt it was NO big deal. The church was under restoration so we could hardly see anything.

St. Nicholas is a big cathedral with beautiful marble, statues, and an altar. After the churches, we went to Old Town Square again and there were loads of people. Everyone crowded around these guys hammering into steel objects and making them into icons and statutes. They would melt the steel in front of everyone. After, Fab, Anne, and I got lost from everyone. We rode a horse carriage around Old Town. It was good because we were tired. After that, we walked Prague’s historical mile. It extends from the first arch (i.e. we went to the top and view was incredible. It then goes through St. Charles’ Bridge. The bridge was crowded, but all the local artists and views from the bridge make it good. We took about an hour to walk the whole thing.

After the bridge, Ana, Carlos, and I wanted to find the Palace, but Ralph, Vivian, and Fab wanted to go back to the hotel. Actually, R and V wanted to go see the Kafka museum and Fab wanted to sleep. After walking a while, we went into the booth and found out that the castle closes at 1700. So, we went back to the hotel to get Fab so she could see it. Of course, she didn’t go. So, Anne, Carlos, and I went on the metro and by foot to the Palace. It wasn’t that far walking, but we had to walk up a hill.

The first thing we saw was the Church. It was the largest and most beautiful church I had ever seen. The outside looked ancient and the inside was hu-fucken-mungous. It was awesome. As we were leaving, the guards weren’t letting anyone else in and we felt lucky we got to see it before we would leave the next day. After the church, we walked around the Palace grounds and saw incredible views of Prague. It’s such a strange city in that it is much nicer than what the name implies. It sounds better in Spanish – Praga. We then decided to walk through old town one more time and get the metro by the museum stop. We walked on a bridge that was next to the St. Charles Bridge. The was view was spectacular because you saw people kayaking, boating, and sailing on the river with the bridge and the city view on top of them.

It was funny because there were these backpackers on the river bank with all of their things sprawled out. They must have smelled like crap. After the walk and Old Town for the third time, we went back to the hotel. We had to take a shower, pack, and sleep because were to leave for Egypt the next day. Carlos was still undecided about going. When we got to the hotel, Fab was hungry so we all went to the hotel’s restaurant and had the worst and most expensive meal in a long time. We ordered cheeseburgers, but all we got was bread with melted blue cheese. We also ate these slices of awesome chocolate cake that Ralph would devour each night there. After dinner, we went back to the room and slept until the next morning.

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