The opposite of Chaotic Cairo? Luxor - Saturday, August 31, 1991

Saturday, August 31, 1991

We woke up, took a shower, and checked out. We took a cab to the Egypt Air (MS) terminal to go to Luxor (LXR). We all flew in non non-revenue clothes. It was great. The MS plane (A320) was awesome. It was real spacious and clean. The flight took one hour and the view was spectacular. It was nothing but desert.

As we approached LXR, you could see the green land and the Nile river. We arrived and the airport was brand new and clean. Just by how the airport looks, you could tell it is much different than the hectic/chaotic Cairo. LXR is much more calm, sedate, and less traffic-ridden. There’s actually no traffic at all. We arrived at the Sheraton Luxor and got room #432. We had a view of the pool area and the Nile. You could also see the mountain range where the Valley of the Kings and Queens is located.

We unpacked and decided to go to the Karnak Temple on our own. Fab stayed behind because she was sick with stomach pains and hershey squirts. Ana and I took a cab and saw the temple. It was OK. Again, everything was broken. It had large-sized columns and some towers that looked like the Washington monument. It was a little frustrating because we didn’t go on a tour so we didn’t understand the details of what we were looking at. After that, we took a cab back to the hotel and ordered room service as Ana and Fab showered.

After that, I went downstairs and went to Thomas Cook travel to book a tour for the next day to the Valley. It cost about 70LE ($20) per person. It was a real hassle because they didn’t accept credit card and I had to get a cash advance and that took about two hours. I went back upstairs and took a shower. We all went to the restaurant at the hotel to have the Asian buffet (43LE per person). It was good, but a little too much. We were kind of splurging because we had room service every day, but it was worth it. We went back upstairs, watched Rocky V, and fell asleep.

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