Day of the Hershey Squirts and recovering in Frankfurt - Sunday, August 25, 1991

Sunday, August 25, 1991

Anne, Fab, and I woke up with the all time worst stomachache and diarrhea. It will forever live as the DAY OF THE HERSHEY SQUIRTS! Little did we think that the only remedy was a $200 hotel room and a McDonald’s feast. Yum. I felt sooooo bad I wanted to stay in Prague. Every time I would try to get dressed, I would go to the bathroom and Ana and Fab weren’t too far behind, but it seems I had it the worst. Finally, Fab, Anne, Carlos, and I get to the airport and we checked in for the flight. It wasn’t a problem because flight was empty. The flight took off on time at 0805 to arrive in FRA about one hour later. The whole time my stomach was killing me. Fab, Anne, and I had the same problem so it was kind of impossible to do anything because we had to constantly excuse ourselves to run to the nearest bathroom. We just couldn’t do anything. Carlos chickened out and decided to leave to MIA. It was great because he took back all the shit Anne bought in the Soviet Union including some think Leningrad books.

NOTE: I believe Vivian and Ralph stayed in Prague a couple of extra days. I do not recall them flying with us to FRA that morning.

We went to check in for the Athens flight and we were told it was oversold and that we would never get on. They advised us to try Olympic Airways. So, we lugged all our bags to a different terminal via foot and bus and then were turned away by this big fat Olympic Airways guy. We were so pissed because he told us we needed a printed ID75 ticket. We could only get it through Pan Am, but the flight was leaving within 10 minutes. We were so stuck. We took bus back to the Pan Am terminal to see if they could help us. The fare from FRA to Cairo was $250 and we couldn’t afford it. We tried every possible connection and the only thing we could do was fly to Istanbul the next day on Pan Am and take ID75 ($50) ticket on Olympic Airways from Istanbul to Athens. There were two problems with this solution:

1) We had to overnight in Frankfurt.
2) We had to overnight in Istanbul.

We were all tired and sleepy. Since we were so tired, we stayed at the Frankfurt Sheraton hotel. Awesome room (about $123 buckaroos) awaited us. We changed and went to the bathroom again. After some good bathroom time, we were starved. We roamed FRA airport and discovered it had a theatre, cinema, museum, library, supermarket, and of all things as Dr. Mueller’s Sex Shop. It was incredible to us. We have never seen an airport feel so much like a mall. It was like a little city. We didn’t go into the city itself because we didn’t want to change money and FRA didn’t really interest us too much. Finally, we found a McDonalds. I longed for American food especially French Fries. We pigged out and went to the supermarket to buy these chocolate cheesecake things. We didn’t care if were sick to our stomachs, we were going to eat those things. We went back to hotel and we fell asleep watching and old episode of Hart to Hart.

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