Whisk Gourmet Restaurant and Catering

After twenty minutes of searching for parking and walking practically four blocks to the restaurant (in Miami we are not used to walking too much), we finally arrived.  My foul mood lifted almost immediately...
The vibe in the restaurant is chic and trendy.  We went for lunch and found a mix of executives and housewives.  Although the restaurant is almost unassuming, it has a certain  "je ne sais quoi".
I really enjoyed just being there.

The menu was different from most I've seen in Miami.  Yet, from the selections I could almost guess, what the meals would look and taste like. 

Once we received our meal, my husband immediately commented that this restaurant was similar to Justine's Kitchen" in Charleston, SC.  I argued and said "No way, you are crazy!!!"  I continued by adding that Justine's was a very southern, home-like restaurant, almost like eating at a southern neighbor's home.  I even added that Whisk was too chic to be like Justine's.

Lunch was fabulous!  We shared a house salad (WHISK House Salad w/ Organic Mixed Greens, Raisins, Gorgonzola, Brown Butter Walnuts, Fresh Tomato & Cider Vinaigrette) and then each had a half of two different sandwiches.  We ordered the Pimiento Cheese & Fried Green Tomato Sandwich w/ Hydroponic Arugula, 3 Fried Green Tomatoes, Pecanwood Smoked Bacon and the Turkey Avocado Lettuce & Tomato w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo & Dijon.  The first was better than the second, however, if you request the raspberry mayo, the turkey sandwich gets a whole lot better.

So while we had coffee and my husband ate a cookie for dessert, our server came over and my husband interrogated her (as he loves to do).  It turns out we were both right. The owner is from the south, and wanted to introduce Miami to gourmet southern cuisine.

I think he hit it right on!!!  This place is great.  You can even look past the horrible parking, because it truly is a special place.

Drop in, you certainly won't be disappointed!

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