Universal Studios

Well, its that time of year again!  The time for the national holiday that is my birthday and my daughter's birthday.  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our birthdays! Today is officially MY birthday.  We alternate birthday trips since our birthdays are so close together.  My daughter chose the trip this year.  This year we  will go to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.  She's never been to either of these parks.

We are staying at the Lowe's Royal Pacific Resort, part of the Universal resorts.  When you stay at one of their three resorts everyone in your group receives "Fastpass" privileges at the Universal parks.  This means you can bypass the regular long lines and speed ahead of everyone through a special line.  This is a real time-saver.  Staying at the resort also allows us to go into the park one hour before it opens to easily access the very popular Harry Potter ride.

We arrived at the hotel around 5pm.  We walked around to explore and and admire how beautiful it is.  We showered and changed and headed off to dinner at Kobe Steak House. We drove to the location 10 miles away becasue it was much nicer than the one close to the hotel. We sat at the Tepanyaki table and had an enormous and delicious meal.  When we left the restaurant we couldn't move.  We were all stuffed to the hilt!

When we returned to the hotel, we walked around and took photos and enjoyed the lounge areas.  We went to bed past midnight exhausted but very grateful and feeling very blessed!

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