Settling in at Beaver Run and capping each night at Maggie's! - Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

We woke up early and I had a fart to learn to snowboard, while every other sane family wanted to take ski lessons.  U and I decided on snowboarding and we would drag our wives and sons into it.  Ana used our daughter as excuse (a very valid one I might add) to not do anything, but U's wife was gung-ho.  As we set up the lessons and walked down to catch the lift, we spent 10 minutes talking to the Aussie instructor name Jacob.  He explained everyting and showed us how to put everything on.  U's wife decided it was enough and took herself out of the lesson.  It was a great message for the kids who weren't very happy either, but the Dads were going to SNOWBOARD and that was it.

We spent the day sitting, literally sitting on the snow.  Actually, the sitting comes right after the falling.  You see snowboarding is much harder than skiing:  both legs are strapped to the same board, you don't have poles to help you, the falling happens quick and hard (usually on your tail bone or your back), and you tend to be less in control.  Also, the lift thing is more complex and you have to watch out for all the careening-out-of-countrol snowboarders all around you (who are learning just like you).

The snow was falling hard that day and blinding.  There was a special enclosed tunnel that allowed you to go up the hill on an escalator type thing.  It was convenient and better than taking the lift.  After many attempts and hours of lessons, we decided to call it quits for the day.  The visibility was poor and we were getting hungry.

Each night was the same tradition:  a drink and some appetizer at The Maggie.  It is located at the base of Peak 9 by the Quicksilver SuperChair. It's bascially a bar with bar food, but one of the highlights of the trip where we all congregated regardless of where each family went each day.  It was one of the constants before dinner.

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