Family learns to ski during beautiful sunny, cold days!

Thursday, December 28, 2006 - Saturday, December 30, 2006

As the week progresses, you get used to the whole process.  Basically, your cold always and you have to carry alot of things across the hotel, snow, etc.  It is work, but it is good work because your family is having fun.  Because the kids were 3 and 7, they needed help.  We had lockers at Beaver Run that we would store our equipment.  The equipment was rented on-site in the lobby area and was probably more expensive than the ones in town, but you could not beat the convenience.  We actually were able to put on the equipment outside the locker area and ski down to the ski lift, but it always took a long time.

During these two days, the family learned to ski.  There was snow everywhere, but the temperatures were cold, but not bitter cold.  It was perfect.  U and I stayed on snowboards leaving us alienated from the rest who took up skiing.  This is important to note that in our stubborness to be cool and to learn something different (which I would not change), we did not spend alot of time with everyone else during the day.  We were to busy falling and sitting, falling and sitting.  It took us these days to finally get it, but it was not easy. During one of the afternoons, U and I wanted to go back down the mountain just one more time WITHOUT falling (which was not easy to do).  Everyone joked that we would go Brokeback if a storm hit where we would be forced to spoon to stay warm.  Yeah...right...don't think so, but they got a good laugh and we made it down OK.

Like with anything that you have never tried before, snowboarding was on my list.  I am glad I did it then, but the next two times I have gone on a snow trip, I have elected to ski instead.  I spend more time with the family and everyone is literally on the same "board."

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