Onboard Egg Hunt and Easter in the D.R. - Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!  All the kids were excited as they waited outside of a ship lounge to run amok hunting for eggs.  Set up by all the Mom's, this was a perfect setting to keep the tradition alive, but this time at sea.  After the egg hunt and tons of pictures, it was time to hit the beach in Samana, Dominican Republic.  Unlike the more popular D.R. destinations like Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata, or Casa Campo, Samana is more remote and less developed. 

Taken right from the Freestyle Daily, "Samana is a destination for nature lovers and adventurers.  Green mountains, long beaches, solitude, lively little towns in between turquoise waters.  Samana is also a romantic destination and several of its small hotels are perfect for honeymooners.  It is possible to just spend the day vegging out at the beach in front of the main hotel, but Samana is truly for explorers.  It also has a distinct European flavor."

We all opted to spend a relaxed-vegged-out day at Cayo Levantado where we laid out, went in the water, and did some exploring along the coast.  You had to take the tender from the ship to reach the shore, but it was a beautiful, sunny day.  We enjoyed it thoroughly and headed back to the ship around 5p.

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