Swimming with the Dolphins in Tortola, British Virgin Islands - Monday, March 24, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008

After a long day at the beach the day before, we arrived in Tortola, British Virgin Islands at about 10a.  According to the Freestyle Daily, "approximately 60 miles east of Puerto Rico, this archipelago of some 40 islands is a majestic cluster of distinct beauty. It's serene harbors, rugged mountains, groves of bananas and fringed palm trees are delightful treasures that remain untouched by industrial development."

For our excursion, a group of us decided to take a brief tour around the city, but our main excursion was swimming with the dolphins at the Dolphin Discovery Center.  None of us have done it before and the kids were excited to get in there and ride/play with the dolphins.  Each of us took a turn to be hoisted in the air by two dolphins (one nose under each foot) to be glided almost above the water, flying.  Some of us were able to do it easier than others, but they took their time to ensure everyone had at least one good run.  We spent about an hour in the water with the dolphins while they did different tricks and spending some quality time with each. My daughter got a little scared, but she held tight and was able to stay in the water the whole time.  She was four at the time and it may have been a little too soon for her. I think she would enjoy it now much better and I recommend to wait until about 7-years-old.

As for the facilities, they were clean, well organized, and on time.  One complaint is that someone in our party bought the video, but the video was not able to be played on American DVD players or the DVD was faulty.  She was never able to get a good copy.  Other than that, the experience was unforgettable. 

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