Does anyone smell roadtrip! - Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Does anyone smell roadtrip! - Tuesday, June 23, 2009
This is going to be a wonderful trip. We left home at 8:30 pm. It took forever to pack and get everything ready. We rushed around all day, actually all week...trying to organize everything and make it all as easy and comfortable as possible. We bought a minivan on Saturday. This was not in our plans. First we were going to fly, then we were going to rent a minivan, then we were going to buy a used minivan, but finally we bought a new one. We are very happy we made that decision. My inlaws will keep the minivan when we aren't using it for trips.  Dad was able to take lots of vacation and stop in between to work based in different cities and to attend a meeting in NYC, which is the last destination of the trip.

Although I was a little nervous and overwhelmed the past few days, I think we have made a good decision in taking this trip. I believe this trip will be good for our family. Our drive to Orlando took longer than ever. We went through a severe storm and traveled at 30 mph for about 30 minutes. There was no visibility. In addition, we stopped once at a rest stop. We arrived at our destination in Lake Mary, FL at about 1:00 a.m.

The ride was enjoyable. Initially the children each watched a video on their individual DVD players. Then, we talked and played "Getting to Know You."  Al and I told stories about when we were little. Al told them about when he was in first grade and was punished by a teacher and not permitted to participate in a Thanksgiving lunch. He didn't tell his Mom.  We all felt sorry for little boy Daddy.   I told them about my great-grandmother and how funny she was. My brother and I would ask her to say words in English and we thought she was the funniest thing because she pronounced the words incorrectly.

We talked for a bit longer, sang and even danced a little in our seats. If tonight was a taste of what this trip will be like...I will treasure the memories forever.  We want to take these 30-some days to bond, get to know eachother better, talk more, eat healthier, exercise and learn about our country. We are truly blessed to be able to do this and I am so happy to have the opportunity.  

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