Miamians skiing AGAIN in Breck to celebrate New Year's - Thursday, December 27, 2007 - Friday, December 28, 2007

Thursday, December 27, 2007 - Friday, December 28, 2007

Wow!  A year has flown since this last Colorado trip and everyone is excited to be back to Breck. That's right...once you go back for seconds, you have the honorary duty to call Breckenridge by it's nickname of Breck.  I believe many people name their sons Breck, which has it's pros and cons.  Nonetheless, we are on our way with the Ss, while others are leaving later or via different cities.  This time we had to overnight in Denver on arrival to head out first thing in the morning to Breck.  We knew the chances for weather to be bad were great, so we did not want to drive in the night.  We bunkered down, slept, and waited until morning.

During the drive to Breckenridge, we stopped at Beau Jo's Pizza in Evergreen, Colorado.   S had eaten there before and the pizza was good and quite popular in the area.  Beau Jo's Pizza started in Idaho and spread throughout the western states.  From Mountain pies to Praire pies, this thick crusted pizza is made to order and provided with a side of honey for all of the leftover crust.  A delicious dessert made on the spot right after your meal.

In addition, we stopped by the Safeway in Frisco, CO for some grocery shopping.  Over $150 spent, but it would last us most of the week knowing we would have a full kitchen in our room.  Regardless of kitchen or not, it is always a good idea to go grocery shopping for at least water and snacks. 

This time we booked closer to the ski lift in a place called The Village at Breckenridge.  Check out their site for the latest promotions. As stated on their web site, this has long been a favorite year-round destination along the river with a ski-in/ski-out lodging facility and ideally situated at the base of the ski resort with ski school and ski rentals just steps away.  In addition, it has convenient access to the town's shops, restaurants, activities and events.

We checked into room V4610 and it was one large studio room with a bed, sofa bed in living room, dining room, and full kitchen.  We were somewhat cramped, but it was fine for the amount of time we were going to spend there.  However, we made it a point that during this trip, we were going to visit many real estate companies like Great Western Lodging to name a few.  We saw other options for the next time to look at privately owned homes and condos.  We also inquired about purchasing a place amongst a few of us to have as an investment property.

Just steps from the hotel, we rented our equipment at Charter Sports.  With a convenient web site to search for the nearest locations and best rates, you can book everything ahead of time to save time after you get to the store.  One thing to always get is a helmet no matter how old you are.

We them met up with everyone and went to the Quandry Grille in Breckenridge right on Main Street.  A good restaurant for large groups it was perfect for ending to the day.  Check out the web site for their hours of operation and menu.

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