Blizzard Beach

We had a fabulous time at Blizzard Beach!  Our friends are pros at the water parks so they helped make the experience very enjoyable.

**It's important to wear aqua shoes so you don't have to be barefoot all over the park.  They do not permit shoes on the rides, however, aqua shoes are permitted.  You should also feel very comfortable in your bathing suit because you will be wearing that and only that all day, while walking all over the park.

We arrived around 10:00am.  We took a cooler with drinks and fruit.  The parks offer covered and uncovered lounging areas where you can leave coolers with snacks, etc. (unlike the Disney non-water parks)  We left our cooler at a covered easily-accessible lounging area.  We were able to go back and hang out there several times throughout the day. 

Lockers are available for valuables.  It's hard to take photos unless someone from the group stays off the rides and takes them.  We ended up purchasing the ones they take of you throughout the park. 

The park was full earlier in the day and the lines were long.  However, after 3:00pm, the lines got shorter and faster.  About two hours before closing time we were able to just ride over and over and over, without even standing in line.  We rode everything several times and even my four year old daughter was able to ride and had a lot of fun. 

The end of the day was the best time and we had a fabulous time!

We enjoyed all the rides but my personal favorite was just hanging out and drifting together n the lazy river...

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