Contemporary Hotel in Disney World

I've always wanted to stay at the Contemporary resort in Disney World.  We see it every time we visit the Magic Kingdom.  We've even eaten at Chef Mickey's in the hotel.  

We never stayed there because it is very expensive.
My parents love to surprise us and keep us in suspense until the last minute many times lying to us, to make the surprise even more special when we get it.   They told me we were staying at a different hotel.  As we were arriving in the area my dad pretended he made a wrong turn and went in through the Magic Kingdom entrance.   I needed to use the bathroom so my parents said we would just stop in at this hotel since it was the closest thing and I could use the bathroom in the lobby. 
While I used the bathroom my dad checked in.  They kept the lie going and said since we were there we should look around the hotel so we could see what it was like.  They pretended to just press a random floor in the elevator, but they knew exactly what they were doing.  We arrived on the 8th floor and when the doors opened we saw a big desk with the concierge sitting there.  He told us we could have food and drinks that were set up for the guests.  While we ate our snacks my dad asked him to pretend to show us our room. We made our way to our room and the concierge opened the was amazing.  We were there for my mom and sister's birthdays so they had left cards for each of them from the Disney characters, but the best part was the view. 

 We had a view of Cinderella's Castle.  I was so happy.  My sister and I just started jumping up and down.

We went to all the Disney parks except for Hollywood Studios on this trip.  My favorite park is Magic Kingdom and my favorite ride is Space Mountain.  My sister's favorite ride is splash Mountain which is also in Magic Kingdom.  We went to Magic Kingdom the day of my sister's birthday.  On my mom's birthday we went to Epcot.  I think my parent's favorite park is Epcot, because they love to travel and at Epcot you get to visit different countries.
I usually like to spend  all the time at the parks but not on this trip.  This time I wanted to stay a lot of time at the hotel.  It was so cool.  After all the parks we went in the pool which had a water slide.  At night , from our balcony, we had a perfect view of the fireworks  at the Magic Kingdom.

 In the daytime you could see all the rides and from far away Mt. Everest which is a ride in Animal Kingdom.  The last day before we left we had breakfast at Chef Mickey's in the hotel.

The breakfast there is a buffet and it's really good.  Every time we go to Disney, I hope we stay at the Contemporary.  Even if we don't it is still fun to go.
Disney's Contemporary Resort is a modern Disney Deluxe Resort.  The tower or main building resembles a pyramid or the letter A and has adjoining wings with additional rooms.   It is lake side and is the only hotel in Walt Disney World Resort to have the monorail going right through it.  It is very convenient.  

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