Gaylord Palms

August 15, 2011

We arrived at Gaylord Palms and I got off with the children to check in while Al stayed in the car waiting.  Jake's reaction was so funny... he though it was the best hotel he'd ever been in.  He may have been right...
this place is impressive.  He wanted to thank the person who'd found the hotel, because it was great.

Our friend found a great deal for the hotel on a travel portal (I can't remember the name).  We checked in and they were nice enough to give us an upgrade overlooking the atrium. 

We took our bags to the room and explored the hotel for a little while as we waited for other families in our group to arrive.  They took a very long time, so we took advantage of our early arrival and went to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.

We had a wonderful time riding and enjoying the park.

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